Six years ago Brandy and I moved into a quaint, approximately 1,000 square foot, ranch style home in Norton, Ohio. This would be the first time we were out living on our own (unless you count living in college dorms).  We were looking to establish a home, before we married.  We wanted a house with three bedrooms; we would use one for an office, one as a guest room, and have the third be the master.  Our approach was that this would be a starter home.  Our thought was to put a few years in, gain some equity, and put the house up for sale in five years.  After about a month of looking and over 35 homes later, we found a house we both liked, put an offer in, and shortly thereafter it was ours.

So here we are six years later and this home has suited its purpose. We had made this our home, there were many laughs, some tears, and frustrations over the years.  This was the home we came back to after we were married in 2008.  This was the home where we hosted Christmas events with Brandy’s family.  However, there just doesn’t seem to be as much room as we had when we first moved in and our five year timeline came and went.

Last year we began to discuss what our plans going forward would be.  Would we move into an already established home?  Would we build our own home?  I was tending to lean toward the option to build.  How fun and exciting would it be to pick out all of your options and get a house just the way you wanted it?  Last year we went through the Medina County Parade of Homes and the homes we saw were spectacular.  I think that’s when Brandy started to seriously consider building.

f2dfb701-7fac-49dd-a39c-3bec06107a2eSo we thought we wanted to build our next home, but where would we build?  We both really liked growing up in Medina County, so that is where we started to look.  We came across several nice developments along the way, such as Blue Heron (Medina) and Hunter’s Glen (Seville / Medina), and then we stumbled upon Tiberon Trace in Wadsworth.

Tiberon is a Ryan Homes community and was annexed into Wadsworth from Sharon Township sometime around 2007.  They receive all the amenities of living in Wadsworth when it comes to shopping, restaurants and utilities.  It also means that if we ever had kids they would attend the Highland School District.

ryan_homes_logo_bigSo, we next began to do research on Ryan Homes; we are nothing if not meticulous when it comes to analyzing and researching things.  So we did what most would do in our situation, we hit the internet.  It seemed that for every bad experience there were just as many good.  Well this made things tough.  We decided we should hit the pavement and tour the model home and were very pleased with what we saw.  We had a few friends that have built homes with Ryan over the years and we met with as many as we could.  They all seemed to have fairly good experiences and that made us feel better.  I guess when you are as large as Ryan is there will always be people on both sides of the fence.

Future site of our new home

That really brings us to this point in time.  In the matter of the last two weeks, we’ve put our house on the market, picked out the Victoria Falls as the floor plan we like…and signed a purchase agreement.  So here we are, two days removed from signing the purchase agreement and we are pouring over all the configuration options.  We’ll talk about some of that in subsequent blog posts, but here we are in this whirlwind of activity.

Some might be wondering what the header picture is.  Victoria Falls, while a great floor plan, is also a waterfall in southern Africa.  When trying to come up with some inspiration for the title of our blog I came across this bridge that leads to those falls. We hope to give future people looking to build some insight and keep our friends and family updated on our progress.